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Providing services to clients who need support in getting ag-biotech products to farmers.


With over 20 years of experience in plant biotechnology research on three continents, Rob Potter has seen this technology move from academic research to commercial application.

A PhD from Rothamsted in the UK was followed by Post-Doc positions in Norway and Australia and four years at Cornell University in the US. Research areas have included plant tissue culture and somaclonal variation, anther culture, developmental gene expression, plant-nematode interactions and the development and application of molecular markers in plant breeding. Recent experience in developing products for application in the developing world led to the realisation that regulatory affairs are currently the biggest hindrance to getting the technology into the hands of the farmers who need it the most.

For the past six years Rob has been working as a consultant in regulatory affairs, supporting private sector product development as well as providing support to projects aimed at establishing biosafety systems in developing countries.

Experience from both sides of the fence has led to a pragmatic outlook on how to manage regulatory systems in order to provide access for farmers with minimal risk to health and safety.

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